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HELP - I'm becoming one of you

so yeah, a while ago when I was building my latest system (migrating from iShit) I kind of laughed at this idea of a community of mech keyboard loving nerds. I just wanted a sweet computer with some sweet peripherals so I can play games, edit videos, trade forex and do other cool tech bro shit.
But now, I have spent days and days on end, eyes bleeding, searching for the non standard low profile, PBT, UK, ISO, 6.5 spacebar non standard weird keys for the CM Quickfire TK. I thought I was being smart when I got that hybrid numpad - 2 birds one stone, and still save space for mouse exercise.. but NO - just NO.
All I want now is to glide my fingers over silky smooth plastics, seamless colours, minimal design, softened sound, fingers don't stumble over OEM edges. Save me, I dream of keyboards.
But really guys - I'll spare the full story but I failed at buying keys - so now I MUST find a DSA set for this board. ISO, UK, numpad, 6.5 spacebar. Spacebar will probably be a compromise, but how do I get this kind of set without spending 250-300 on the Quartz and extras from SP??
DSA or equivalent, but that's what I've settled on after testing Q Series (they are awesome but can't type on blanks and no full set available there)
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